Challenge For Children

Creating a bright future for kids in our community.

United Way is committed to investing in the lives and futures of disadvantaged children in the Inland Empire. And we can't do it alone!

It's a challenge to recruit 1,000 volunteers and raise $100,000 for our community's children.

THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDS. With 1 in 5 children living in poverty and thousands of students dropping out of school each year in our community, Inland Empire kids clearly need our help. That's why we have launched the Challenge for Children. It's a challenge to help change the future for kids by giving them the tools and hope to succeed in school and reach a self-sufficient future. We know that kids who succeed in school, succeed in life. And we need your help to make success a reality for children in our community.

Anyone can make a difference. Are you up for the challenge?

Whether by giving your time, making a donation or just telling others, you can help us improve the lives of disadvantaged kids in the Inland Empire!

Your support is needed to address the short-term basic needs of those in crisis and helping to prepare disadvantaged children for future self-sufficiency by investing in Education, Health and Financial Stability.

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Tell your family and friends! We need your help spreading the word about the needs of local kids and families and the many ways people in our community can make a difference.

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There is nothing more powerful or rewarding than giving your time, and there opportunities to fit any schedule and anyone willing!

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